How does GO AWAY GRAY® work?

Melanin , Catalase and Hydrogen Peroxide .

Melanin is the pigment that gives hair its color.
Hydrogen Peroxide and the enzyme Catalase are two other natural components of the body.
All 3 of these components are found in all hair bases / follicles, in a "balance" between them.
As we grow older, the production of Catalase decreases in the body and thus the "balance" between these 3 components is disturbed inside the hair follicles , with the result that Hydrogen Peroxide prevails among the three components, thus destroying - in turn - the Melanin that is responsible for hair color. (Source: FASEB Journal)
The natural supplement Go Away Gray® contains the antioxidant enzyme Catalase , which has the unique ability to break down Hydrogen Peroxide into harmless water and oxygen and thus restore the balance of Melanin in the hair .
The product is based on a scientific study by the University of Bradford School of Health Sciences in the UK, which states that: "in people who bleach their hair, massive oxidative stress develops through the accumulation of hydrogen peroxide in the hair follicle, which causes in the hair the bleaching of its color from the inside out."

The research was completed after studying a group of 2,411 people at an international level and was published in the scientific review FASEB Journal .

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GO AWAY GRAY® products

They contain Catalase, the unique enzyme against graying of hair.