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GO AWAY GRAY® 15.000 IU - 30 Caps

GO AWAY GRAY® 15.000 IU - 30 Caps

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30 Acid-Resistant capsules with 15,000 IU of Catalase.

The special supplement Go Away Gray® 15.000 contains the antioxidant enzyme Catalase, which helps prevent and reverse gray hair. Strengthens catalase reserves in the body and reverses the hair bleaching process by restoring hair's natural color from within in a natural way, promoting healthy hair growth.

Go Away Gray® addressed to men and women of all ages.

It is a proprietary formulation of the US manufacturer Rise 'n' Shine, meets all European Union standards and is distributed by

Dosage - How to take: 

One capsule of Go Away Gray® 15,000 per day -preferably without food (we recommend taking the supplement with plenty of water, preferably bottled).

How long does one bottle last?

Each bottle contains 30 Acid-Resistant capsules and lasts one month.


No. EOF: 111933/02/11/18.
Made and packaged in the USA.




Completely natural ingredients. Each daily dose (1 capsule) of Go Away Gray ® contains:
CATALASI – 15,000 IU It serves to protect cells from the toxic effect of hydrogen peroxide, which is the cause of graying (whitening) of hair.


First reason

Go Away Gray® products contain the enzyme Catalase, a naturally occurring enzyme in the body where its deficiency has been shown to affect hair graying. (source: The FASEB Journal)

Second reason

Go Away Gray® products stop and reverse graying of hair in a completely natural way.

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