Stop graying and bleaching of hair

Στοπ στο γκριζάρισμα και τη λεύκανση των μαλλιών

Can a gray hair pill prevent color loss?

There are two classes of people in the world: those who would gladly accept their first gray hairs and those who dread even the idea of ​​white hair at any age. The latter would be happy to discover a more suitable alternative to hair dye, which would not require regular interventions or would not burden the already dry and fragile hair. If you too fear gray hair and its impact on your personal and professional life, you should know that there are already some products on the market to deal with gray hair. Vitamin tablets for gray hair, based on powerful enzymes and various other natural compounds, including minerals, vitamins and plant extracts, are now widely available on the market. So the question that arises is this: could a tablet for gray (white) hair prevent this loss of color? In order to give the most accurate answer to this question, you should understand how these solutions actually work. Tablets that protect the melanocytes in our hair bulbs.

At the end of each hair's life cycle, some of the pigment-producing melanocytes can deteriorate and die. A depleted pool of stem melanocytes marks the end of pigment production, leading to the appearance of white hairs. But what if someone could actually identify and implement a solution to protect the melanocytes from injury and increase their lifespan in the aging hair bulb?

According to LifeHacker, a team of French researchers has discovered factors that are intended to protect the melanocytes of hair follicles from the damage they would normally undergo towards the end of the human hair's life cycle. By mimicking the action of DOPAchrome, an important enzyme found in the bulb that prevents oxidative damage, this new generation of anti-grey defense mechanisms could boost melanocyte survival rates and help prevent gray hair from appearing . However, this promising product is still at an early stage. It is also not expected to restore the pigment that users have already lost.

Tablets that interfere with the natural hair oxidation process.

On the other hand, catalase-based gray hair tablets are here, right now. By incorporating catalase, the enzyme that succeeds in converting hydrogen peroxide build-ups into water and oxygen, these vitamin complexes could neutralize the culprit of white hairs. Due to its unique formulation, GoAwayGrey is recognized as a premium vitamin for gray hair, designed to intensify fading color while aiding in healthy hair growth.